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This Christmas Don’t Adopt a Reindeer, Adopt a Scientist!

Now I don’t know if it was the lights I saw on my drive to work, the radio presenter talking about Christmas, or perhaps it was the sign saying the Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market is open but this morning I was thinking about presents. Somewhere between Redditch and the M42 I had an Eureka moment  – here’s my idea…

story collider

This Christmas, if you are struggling to think of a present for that person – you know the type the one who already has everything, who will go out and get something for themselves rather than wait until the holidays so you can get it for them – how about adopting a scientist*?

All you have to do for this simple yet personal present is to hand pick an episode from the Story Collider archives and send to the recipient. You can donate the money that you would have spent on a half hearted present – which you would have bought at the last minute whilst hoping for some inspiration that never came – and save yourself the stress, time and bus fair associated with wandering around town aimlessly.

Features and details:
This gift will NOT include the following,

  • a fantastic adopt a scientist conservation gift box,
  • a welcome letter with “your gift explained” – although I do recommend making one,
  • a personalised certificate and scientist photo.

However you will receive membership – simply subscribe to the postcast. You can even “like” the Facebook group where you will find pictures and events.

This is a gift you can be certain they won’t have, but they will appreciate it for hours and hours**!

If you haven’t come across this wonderful podcast I recommend listening to an episode over lunch. Below is the original request from Story Collider, please consider donating whatever you can to keep these stories free and support their work breaking down the walls between scientists and “normal human beings”***.

Also, if you pledge $5/month (or about $1/podcast), you get access to special monthly podcast of the bits in between stories, like the time Erin Barker invented a sandwich, or when Ben Lillie walked in on a lion dissection.

“Please help support the @story_collider! It doesn’t take a lot, but we need your help to keep going.”

* scientists in the Story Collider archive are not actually up for adoption but you will be supporting a very worthy cause. If you are wondering what to get me for Christmas I would love to adopt Alex Brown. Please note I already have Deborah Blum, Luke Davin and Bora Zivkovic.

**Ben, any idea how many hours of footage are there in the archives?

*** scientists are actually normal people we just like wearing lab coats and really cool accessories that include – but are not limited to – safety glasses, the occassional helmet and witty science related t-shirts. 

Finally I would like to say that I think adopting animals is an amazing thing to do and we should all do our bit to help protect and conserve nature. @BeckiePort is a PhD student at the University of Birmingham, awaiting her viva on how viruses are involved in cancer.


2 thoughts on “This Christmas Don’t Adopt a Reindeer, Adopt a Scientist!

    • Roughly 35 hours of insightful, science-tasitic entertainment – who would not enjoy this gift! The only question is who would you adopt?

      * This gift does not come on 10 CDs in a autographed box set and does not pretend to be the ultimate collection.

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