Now’s the time to Buzz!

Reading the Guardian’s Must all postgrad research have impact? this morning I got to thinking about how my university, the University of Birmingham, communicates science. Economic times means money for research is tight and we are finding it increasingly important to communicate science well in order to achieve the impact, and with it the funding, our science deserves. … Continue reading

Not quite 100 ways for Scientists to Engage in Social Media
Communication and Engagement

Not quite 100 ways for Scientists to Engage in Social Media

Last night at a post lecture drinks reception I got into talking about using twitter as a scientist, and an academic, and thinking about what is in science communication for the communicator. During Richard Dawkins speech at the launch of the MCR-Arthritis Research UK research centre here at Birmingham University I attempted my first proper … Continue reading

Cancer Research

Hallmarks of Cancer 1: Invasion and metastasis

Metastasis – a transition from order to disorder  Epithelial cancers account for 85% of human cancers. They are found in the cells that line our organs and tissues, or make up the lining of the cavities inside our bodies. Epithelial cells undergo many changes during cancerous transformation. One of these changes involves the loss of epithelial … Continue reading